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Is a family run company providing flexible solutions of both aviation spare parts and supply chain services to Worldwide airlines, MRO's by delivering quality aftermarket components through a reliable taylor-made network. Committed to understand and support customer’s needs in a competitive market, we operate with responsiveness and dedication to supply efficiently on-time material solutions.

Our values

Having the understanding that aviation will go to future generations encourages long-term thinking, shared vision and trust to go ahead.
Spareways is concentrated on sustainable development by putting the future of aviation to human scale and respecting the environment.
It has been proven than when businesses lean into their authenticity of being family-owned, customers respond positively, more flexibility, more friendly and trustworthy.
Since our takeoff and to ensure continuity, Spareways as been drawing up and leaded by developing small teams of aviation specialists flexible enough to move with any market change.
People are at the heart of everything we do, the most powerful ambassadors to spread, capture, support and encourage repeat business.




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Spare parts sourcing & sales

Understanding customer satisfaction in procurement requests, we provide efficient and responsiveness under our worldwide inventory system created to offer the best quality options to meet your operational needs. SPAREWAYS prepared & ready to adjust quickly to new demands.


Expendables & consumables management

Consumable material covers a large range of parts and suppliers with hard to predict demand, small parts than can have a big effect, high criticality, including AOG risks. Rationalize inventory costs through timely replenishment with a designated single point supplier and a consolidated monthly invoice simplifying financial transaction. SPAREWAYS solving your consumable procurement issues, reducing costs to raise the operational productiveness of your airline.


Remarketing assistance

Surplus parts are often for airliners, aircraft owners, MRO’s, even manufacturers an operational trouble and financial drag when facing excess inventory. Instead of storing, advertising, selling, invoicing, collecting payment with the risk of defaults payments, save time and money, leave this task to aftermarket active specialists taking care of your interest under a mutual benefit program. SPAREWAYS converting your sleeping inventory in to significant revenue.


Tooling solution

Even if tools and GSE are not directly considered as flying parts, they are vital to ensure the maintenance of your aircraft and can affect your operational tasks if not well scheduled. We can manage your requirements, from sourcing to provisioning, from repair to calibration with the objective to carry your tools available always on time.
SPAREWAYS running your aircraft back to service.


Global logistic services

Building reliability, as a key partner with the expertise and experience in transportation procedures, managing inventory, improving components availability, we develop strong strategic relationships with monitored worldwide vendors to ensure aftermarket performance.
Our logistic deliver’s the best skills for operational solutions, from storing to shipping, from dedicated to consolidated deliveries to any location with always the aim to fit your specific demands under thinking forward methods. SPAREWAYS delivering on time aviation products & services the right way.


SPAREWAYS offers an extensive list of capabilities of different aircraft components on multiple plaftforms working with approved repair shops delivering the highest quality standards EASA/FAA/TCCA/CAA.

A flexible and comprehensive component solution returning your spare parts back to service the fastest way, centralizing your repairs, reducing management costs & time.


Share your identity where you are not already

Partnerships are power and your allies in navigating the aviation landscape.
Spareways is always seeking on building relations with partners whom can work jointly on establishing long term and mutual beneficial side business opportunities.
We are reliable, relieving you from any task while you stay concentrated on your core activity.

We represent vendors and services providers, bridging entities to go the extra mile where others stop.

About Spareways

Where ?

Spareways is headquartered in Brittany, North West of France close to Rennes and Nantes regional Airports.


This seaside landscape is a legendary place of adventurous characters and this inspired Spareways to collapse the borders and make the possible to cross the seas and territories to serve its customers at its best.

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Our compagny

A one-stop spare parts provider living and breathing aviation.
We believe in striving for excellence in every aspect of our operations from quotation to order fulfillment to become a link in Airlines and MRO’s procurement and operational processes.
The flexible nature of our structure enables us to quickly adapt as well as provide reactivity in your requirements with the commitment to deliver quality civil aircraft spare parts and services.
Our know-how, rigorous approach, professionalism and collaborative team is driven by the constant desire to satisfy customer’s demands, meet their standards and go above their expectations.


Our vision

At your service and here to assist you with proximity, we pride ourselves to enhance capabilities, increase our footprints and grow our global network.
Spareways places a strong emphasis on the ability to customize our services to individual requirements by ensuring continued satisfaction and earning their repeat business.
With continuous improvement and the pursuit of quality, we offer proactive support solutions helping you to reach your goals.


Greener Ways

As the world keeps moving on, aviation is undoubtedly a vector of connecting population bringing the world closer and it is fundamentally in our interest and economy. That is precisely why it is necessary to accelerate the decarbonization to mitigate the impacts of climate change by transforming the aerospace industry and innovating for the future generations with the approach of being neutral.
In its humble path and since inception, spareways places strong significance towards greener business with sustainable practices to reduce the use of resources by avoiding useless move, minimizing energy costs, banning single-use plastic, recycling as much as possible, proposing lean and reverse logistics are several ways that Spareways is using to reduce is carbon footprint.
Spareways not only provides spare parts but also thrives to deliver into the most efficient way accordingly with its environmental value.

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